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Oh no, poor Adam! :(

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Weey haven’t been on in likeforever!
Not much has been going on though lately
Or well… I might be moving again
Back to France, not Paris. Paris is Shit!
France too… but less expensive than Canada
Especially for someone who doen’t work nor studies…
But except that,… no all isfine!!

I ate meat yesterday, forthe first time in almost 10years.
Didn’t like it.

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Fuck you, TOY. And fuck your lightshow too.
Or should I say, the lack of lightshow. Hated it!
Music was bloody marvelous, maybe especially because there was not much to look at, so that I could listen more carefully. Loved it. Not how gigs work though!

I’ll probably buy your next record.
Fuck that too.



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why do they always get burnt, the toasts



why do they always get burnt, the toasts

(Source : Flickr / veganfeast)

Sad but relieved face?No,  merely a picture to show that the lip piercings are gone and those eyebrows are the most inappropriate creatures on earth. And it will annoy Tatiana so much when she wakes up tomorrow.  And I’m the mood to annoy people tonight because I cant sleep… obviously. And annoying the people I love sounds like a good thing to do when I can’t sleep. Even when they’re not awake.  I’m gonna remind Tatiana that she’s dating this hipsterdouche (DOUCHE INDEED! ((love being french when no one else is)))  Oh yeah… looks like I forgot to update the world about something. :o  Never mind, another time!!! will try to sleep again ^^ “

01.09.140 NOTES Reblog

It is official:  I am no longer a student of Le Cordon Bleu.
I’m sad as well as relieved.

Should I keep this blog?   
I think so. I still like what I post. ^^ 

01.09.140 NOTES Reblog

I am afraid I’m not gonna return to school after Christmas. 

Studie and life in general has suddenly become too stressful to cope.

Which means I have to stop either studies or life in general.

And with the second one being no option at all, I will stop college. 

NOOO!!! :(  I’ve come this far! Why? to just give up?

Also, I’m scared I will fall into a hole of nothing if I stop school.

Which then makes quitting life in general sound appealing too. 

And I don’t wanna go there ‘cause I’ve been there before.

Not cool. I learned then that I need something to do at all times

I should probably tell my friends at college tonight at the Christmas party

But Christmas is a time for good news.

I don’t want to go down and spoil the fun.

Unless, they’re glad that I’m going.

But I don’t think so because, for once,  these people are nice. 

And they like me, and I love them.

But I can’t come back.


12.20.130 NOTES Reblog
got attacked by a bride,  don’t remember why. 

got attacked by a bride,  don’t remember why. 

12.20.130 NOTES Reblog

I may or may not have died laughing when Graig said Bruno was on the turn.

Just saying

12.16.130 NOTES Reblog

I really have no idea what the text is all about but hnnnng!!!! <3

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